Where should I put my valuables on the beach?

Car keys, money and mobile phones. All of it should be with you, if you go to the beach. However, a question arises: How does everything stay in its place and will not be stolen? We have analyzed some ideas of which one or the other seem to be a safe idea but is it truly one?

A dilemma that we have to deal with daily in Quinatana Roo. The over 300km long coast offers plenty of space for swimming experiences. At the beach we want to go from time to time into the water. But where to go with money, car keys and mobile phone, while swimming, diving, surfing or stand-up paddling? Some of you may now ask: Why even bring something valuable to the beach? But even if the valuable things remain in the vault, only a few loose notes are packed, the driver’s license is hidden in the car, then the car key and the smartphone are still an attractive target. Since cars have the function to show their location by flashing and beeping, it is much easier to find them.

You need a mobile phone to stay in contact with your friends, to take beautiful photos of the beautiful day on the beautiful beach, but also for emergencies. A tip is to put all valuables in one or two plastic bags waterproof and sandproof. Then dig a hole, hide the treasure in it and throw a towel over it. But what if you are being watched? Or when the towel flies off? Before desperately digging up the whole beach with the neighbor’s child’s plastic scoop, you could just ask nicely the child’s nice and trustworthy parents to keep an eye on our belongings?

Or what about the diaper trick? Put valuables into a bag and then into a diaper. Important here is that it looks used. Than put it in a garbage bag. But of course there is a problem here as well. Without a baby, the hiding place seems unbelievable.

Another idea would be to put something valuable in a lunch bag and seemingly put on it an empty wallet. People who want to steal something will definitely fall for it. Stupid only if the thieves are hungry and take the purse together with the food.

Then rather roll up the notes and put them into an empty lipstick shell or cut a tennis ball, squeeze it lightly and stuck through the gaping opening money and keys. Or wash out an empty sunscreen bottle at home, cut open the top and put this “lid” back on. But do we all feel like do-it-yourselfers? Another possibility would be to buy the hiding places. A classic is the hollow book, which, however, now stands out as suspiciously old-fashioned. There are also waterproof cases for smartphones, in which even money and keys fit. But what if a wave comes and the smartphone rips of the neck?

The safest option is and remains that someone stays at the beach and takes care of the things. Even if that means you can not swimm together. Well but still you can enjoy the sunbathing together.