Things to do in Cancun while spending less money Part 2

1. Interactive view

A charming aquarium that has more than 1195 species, including a multitude of fish, sea lions, dolphins, rays and Mexican crocodiles. The aquarium charges a entrance fee that includes a nightly show with dolphins. The regular price is $300 pesos per person. There are also other shows and activities that can be done with animals for which visitors can pay an additional fee.

12. Take a day trip to Isla Mujeres

Going to Isla Mujeres is cheaper than you think. The Mexican island is distinguished by its charm and quietly compared to Cancun. Here you can rent a bicycle or walk along its beautiful beaches while the sea soaks your feet. There are boats that take you from Puerto Juarez to the island for less than $70 pesos. If you want something cheaper, you can go to Punta Sam and find transfers at $40 pesos.

13. Tortugranja a turtle farm

Located in Isla Mujeres, the Sea Turtle Sanctuary costs approximately $30 pesos. The sanctuary includes a turtle hatchery and a small aquarium. You can see examples of three species of sea turtles that visit the waters and beaches of Cancun. You can see the life cycle of the turtle, the eggs and how the young turtles are born.

14. Casa Caracol in Isla Mujeres

The most famous house of the destination, the Casa Caracol in Isla Mujeres has become an icon of modern architecture.

15. Ka’Yok Cancun Planetarium

Located in downtown Cancun, near WalMart on Coba Avenue, the Cancun Planetarium is considered the most modern and modern of its kind in southeastern Mexico. The planetarium has a hemispherical screen that shows the known universe, and the observatory has two telescopes that allow you to observe the afternoon or the night sky. Also in the place there is a museum dedicated to the use of water and another on the Mayan cosmovision and astronomical knowledge. The entrance is available for approximately $40 pesos.

16. Go on a bike around the city

Rent a bicycle for less than $200 pesos per day and spend the whole day exploring Cancun by bicycle.

17. Hydrobounce

At the Hydrobounce Aquapark in Cancun, you experience the water in a new way. In the small park you can have fun with slides, trampolines and other attractions. It is suitable for all ages. The water park is located in the Nichupté Lagoon. You will find there a variety of interesting toys: an inflatable climbing tower, a slide and a rocker where you can test the balance of you and your friends. You can also jump from the jump mats into the water. Enjoy the waters of the Caribbean and spend a good day for $189 pesos.

18. Punta Cancun lighthouse

In Punta Cancun there is a lighthouse facing the sea. Here you can dive among the crystal clear sea and pose for some photos in the lighthouse. I recommend it to people who want to fill their Instagram profile with good photos. This is the perfect place.

19. Murals Sea Walls

A walk through the murals of the Sea Walls artists in Cancun is something you want to see for yourself. You can use the afternoon to visit these walls and buildings full of color. Start at Bonampak Avenue and walk towards Av Nader. Each mural represents a small piece of the ocean that is brought onto the street.

20. White Island

One of the favorite places for those who love outdoor activities, do water sports and take pictures of landscapes. In Isla Blanca you can enjoy one of the most spectacular sunsets of the destination. If you want to enjoy this place to the fullest, we recommend you to stay one night to camp, you will not regret it!