That’s why, you should get up early!

Successful people have the opinion that getting up early increases the day-to-day productivity and sport performance. Tim Cook gets up very early in the morning to read his e-mails and to go to the gym. Twitter boss Jack Dorsey is a fan of the early bird. He gets up at 05:30 at the latest to go for a run in the morning. Michelle Obama is already active at 4:30 in the morning and Vogue boss Anna Wintour gets up at 5 in the morning for yoga and meditation. If you want get more things done and be more productive, you don’t have necessarily to work more, you just have to get up earlier. You have to change you biorythm forward by a few hours. But how realistic is that?

If we look at it from a scientific point of view, then the answer is a clear yes, it is realistic!

The reason is in our natural day-night rhythm, the interplay of the sleep hormone melatonin and the stress hormone cortisol. In our brain, melatonin is increasingly released during the night or darkness. This means that the melatonin level decreases at dawn. At the same time, the cortisol level increases. The peak of natural cortisol production is reached around 6:30 am, even when there is only a small amount of melatonin left in our blood. From a hormonal point of view, this is the time when we are optimally set for mental peak performance. This high holds until about 10 o’clock in the morning. That’s why we are from 7-10 o’clock mentally most efficient.

If you think that all of this you das interesting, give it a try. If you are awake before dawn, you will be ahead for the whole day. Different tasks can be done, you can take time for morning exercise, to do sport, yoga or go for a swim. You can spend more time in family, annoying housework can be done or you can schedule more time for your breakfast. However above all you will feel a lot better, more fit and look fresher, if you start early and use your time to get up probably.

Most important you don’t have to do all without sleep to get up early. Because if you get up early, you can easily go to bed earlier.