Architecture is a place of creativity

Your mind is all about architecture? You are creative and have many ideas? Or you want to built or enlarge your home but you have a lack of ideas? Maybe we have the solution for you. We have analyzed a Mexican architecture platform, named Amazing Architecture. It publishes various architecture ideas of different people, where you can get inspired. But you also get the chance to sent your own ideas and sketches to the platform and if your work is good enough it gets the chance to get published.

A mexican architectural platform with the name Amazing Architecture with over 1,2 million subscribers on Instagram, made it itself as a goal to change the architectures landscape, for people who are looking for a creativity transformation to improve their home, faster and cheaper. Amazing Architecture is considered as an architectural platform where architects as well as students can submit their architectural projects. Amazing Architecture is constantly looking for creative sketches worldwide and the best are going to be published. In other words there social media pages count as a collection of the best architecture for inspiration. The focus is on modern, contemporary styles, visualizations and architectural sketches. On the platform, users and providers can work together, gain information and share knowledge.

It started all 2010 on Facebook with the founder Naser Nader Ibrahimon, who lives in Coatepec, Mexico. Meanwhile over 600.000 people gave a like to amazing architecture on Facebook. This page contains a large spectrum of ideas in both image format and video format. You can find visualizations and projects of the outside but also the inside of buildings. His work takes mainly place on social media sites, where you can get inspired of the innovative, original and modern ideas that help to improve the design and concept for new areas. Naser Nader Ibrahimon describes his Instagram page amazing.architecture as “A collection of the best contemporary architecture to inspire you.” The page offers over 5.700 posts of different architecture designs, projects, sketches and innovative ideas. You can get inspired and search for ideas to enlarge your creativity. In 2017 Naser Nader Ibrahimon created his own Homepage The Plattform offers also the opportunities to get information of designs, projects and beautiful buildings, all around the word. If you look for more information check out the homepage on . For the research of ideas and innovative check the posts of amazing architecture on ist Instagram: .