22 things I should do while living in Cancún. Part 2.

  1. Be Active in or on the water

Opportunities for water sports are endless. You should find every excuse to be in or on the water as much as possible. With nearly perfect weather all year round, Quintana Roo is the ultimate destination to try watersport activities. There are opportunities from Kiteboarding, Parasailing, Flyboarding, Jetsurfing, Stand Up Paddelboarding to Wave Runners to Snorkeling and to Scuba Diving.

  1. Feel the urge to jump into water

Prepare your swimsuit to jump into the pristine, deep waters and enjoy a refreshing jump.

You can start to jump into the pool, from a boat, a platform or for the bravest ones who like to feel the adrenaline of nature from a cliff.

  1. Exercise in the nature

Do something good for yourself and overcome your inner laziness. Cancun’s year-round, warm weather and spectacular jungle scenery make it an ideal city for getting an outdoor workout. Whether you’re looking for a place to lift weights or enjoy a run while surrounded by natural scenery or along the beach, you’ll find several idyllic options in the city. Or try something new and practice yoga in your garden to connect body and mind.

  1. Let a stone jump over the water

Jumping over the water requires a sense of speed, spin and inclination. Almost a must for a beautiful day at the lake, calm sea and sometimes an almost meditative recreational activity. Whether alone or together with friends or relatives. It is important to remember that even here the exercise makes the master, even if the entry is not difficult.

  1. Try out something new

Does your life sometimes feel like it’s in autopilot mode? Most people know these phases too well. Of course, if you want to achieve your goals, fixed routines are the key to success. Only those who prove their endurance will finish. But there is also the other side, because too much everyday life means too little life. Too much routine can make you dissatisfied and lethargic. Try something different and discover something new. Expand your comfort zone and spark new creativity. Try a new hobby, meditate, order another dish in the restaurant, move a piece of furniture around, or visit a café or shop you’ve never been to.

  1. Sing in a karaoke bar, even without talent

Whether you can sing or not, karaoke is always fun. It’s hard to get started, but if you start off with a few friends and acquaintances, karaoke can turn into a fun evening. But also strangers are in the arms, singing with closed eyes from the bottom of the throat and with one voice, because singing connects. If you are nervous, do not despair because many are so, just have fun.

  1. Meet new people

Meeting new people can be fun, scary, exhilarating, refreshing, and life-changing. It can open up new opportunities. To take advantage of the benefits of networking, it helps to make it a regular part of your week. Get out of the house. Join school clubs if you are a student, go to local organizations or to different places. Talk to other people and learn something different but also how much you have in common.

  1. Scream the loudest in an adventure sport

Go four an adventure trip and by adventure, I mean something absolutely challenging and out of our comfort zone. Leap out of an airplane, you only live once, so why not have a little adventure along the way? Skydiving is not only an unparalleled thrill, it’s also a great way to stare your own mortality in the face and declare yourself the victor. Go Zip Lining, if you’re looking for more thrilling things to do in Cancun then you absolutely have to go zip lining. Soar above the jungle, splash into cenotes and fly like Superman. Fly with a Jetpack over the Caribbean, feel the thrill of jumping to the sea from 75 feet high when you go Bungee Jumping or paraglide on the beach.

  1. Visit an ecological water or adventure park

Ecological parks are best described as natural aquariums or zoos, a place for visitors to experience some of the area’s wildlife. Those who visit Xcaret can snorkel, swim with sharks and sting rays, see birds and jaguars, go on a boat ride, enjoy traditional cuisine, and even pamper themselves with a massage. Another ecological water park Xel Ha describes itself as a true paradise for nature lovers. Or challenge your limits and explore a adventure park such as Xel Ha, Ventura Park, Selvatica, Xplore and more, that offer many activities such as cliff jumping, zip lining, multiple caves to explore, ATVs, Bungees, Cenotes, Jungle Coaster and so on.

  1. Have a romantic picnic

An ultra romantic picnic. Why not? A couple of sandwiches, a bottle of wine, a few glasses and blanket. It’s the only thing you need to organize it. Go to a beautiful place, on the beach, on the Lagune or at a park with leafy trees. Yes, leave cell phones in the house and devote all the attention.

  1. Dining in a super elegant restaurant

If your budget allows, make reservations for an elegant restaurant, dress up very fancy. At least for one night, do not worry about the expense you are going to make, and better focus on trying delicious dishes, flirty drinks and admire an atmosphere completely foreign to yours.

  1. Go to museum tour

Most thrill seekers who venture to Cancun go in search of warm beaches, stiff drinks and mega resorts. Museums are often an afterthought, overshadowed by night clubs, beach bars and margaritas. However, the art scene here is absolutely thriving. Museums in Cancun might not display works of Rembrandt or Caravaggio, but they’re guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on guests.