22 things I should do while living in Cancún. Part 1

  1. Dance all night until the morning

Cancun has so many party places where you can dance all night and lose your sense of time. Until you see the light rise on the farthest horizon as the darkness breaks. Quintana Roo is best known for its excellent and often outrageous nightlife. And the party does not stop until the sun comes up. The popular clubs include Mandala, CocoBongo, Dady’O and many more.

  1. Swim in the incredible underground caves

The Yucatan Peninsula has over 30,000 cenotes. Lush, clear water with an irresistible turquoise, blue or green tone. Some are completely subterranean, others are partially open and others are rather small open lakes. Swimming, snorkeling, hiking and diving in Cenotes is one of the activities. Especially in the tropical heat inland a very welcome refreshment. The most beautiful cenotes include Cenote X-keken, Cenote Samula, Cenote Ik’kil, Cenote dosojos.

  1. Feel the salt from the sea on your body

Sunbathing on a fantastic beach. Swimming in the turquoise water. Relax at the beach bar. Pure Caribbean feeling. The best public beach in Cancuns is Playa Delfines. There are also beautiful beaches in Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, Isla Mujeres and the Riviera Maya. A local secret is Isla Blanca, a short drive outside of Cancun. This beautiful area has white sandy beaches and shallow sandy beaches on the lagoon side.

  1. Spend a day on a boat

If you want to participate in activities where you can just sit back and relax without getting sand all over, take a boat trip. Whether it’s a speed boat, catamaran or a yacht does not matter. Whether you enjoy a beautiful view of the sights during the day, snorkel in the sea or bask in the sun with a cold drink. Such a trip brings you to the sea without stress.

  1. Spend a day without technology

It is natural in our society to be up to date, always and everywhere with Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter. Quickly visit the website of your favorite blog to see how the weather will turn out tomorrow. All this is made possible by many little helpers who call themselves notebooks, smartphones and tablets in common usage. But where would we be without all these everyday accessories? Can we still do without it? How about simply enjoying nature, talking to people or just doing yoga?

  1. Get your balls wet!

Play Beer Pong with your friends on a barbecue afternoon. In the spiritually challenging Beer Pong, you can test your targeting ability and tolerance of your liver.

  1. Enjoy the sunbeams of the sunrise

Every new sunrise also means a new day begins. Therefore, you should get up early to feel the warm sunbeams on your face. Every sunrise is as beautiful as you look at it. Alternatively, paddle up to the sun on a paddleboard stand.

  1. Explore the unique underwater world

Immerse yourself in the realm of the underwater world and become a part of life yourself. So slowly, turtles glide past you, while at the bottom of the sea different sea creatures swim around the corals. But watch out, you can also find election sharks and dolphins in Quintana Roo. Take a snorkel tour. Snorkelling is one of the most popular activities in Cancun as it can be found in many places around the world with beautiful water and reefs. Cancun is home to one of the largest reefs in the world, the Great Mayan Reef. Or take a diving lesson and discover life under the sea.

  1. Climb on a pyramid

It’s sure to be an adventure. Take good climbing shoes and climb the top of a pyramid. Climbing to the top and admiring the amazing view, thick jungle stretching out like a living green carpet, as far as you can see, is truly exhilarating and unforgettable. One of the best pyramids to climb is Coba, an archaeological site of pre-Columbian Mayan culture. You should definitely visit Chichen Itza. Even if you can not climb up to the 7 Wonders of the World.

  1. Explore Islands and enjoy the flair of the Caribbean

The islands off the coast of the Yucatán Peninsula have their own magic. Around the Yucatán peninsula are some beautiful islands, which can be easily explored during a day trip. There is something for everyone. Whether the island Contoy – the bird island with lonely beaches, Isla Mujeres – party island with smaller Mayan relics, island Cozumel – gorgeous white beaches paired with one of the largest coral reefs in the world or lonely on the island Holbox for whale shark watching. Discover for yourself the white sand beaches.